Is This The Creepiest Lullaby on Ukulele?

Here is my latest video; a slightly creepy Italian lullaby called “Ninna Nanna Ninna Oh,”  which is a bit of a mouthful so I’m glad I wasn’t singing it! Like my other lullabies, it’s in campanella style.

Although this is an instumental, it’s worth knowing the meaning behind the song and why I chose it for October. The lyrics translate into a story of a mother who can’t decide whether to give her baby away to the bogeyman, a hag/witch or a wolf (or sometimes the baby Jesus!). In the end the mother decides to keep it for herself (phew!) so we get a happier ending and this is reflected in my arrangement. So I figured it was creepy enough for my traditional spookylele Halloween video.

I hope you enjoy it!

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