prize winning ukulele performer


“Mike’s intricate fingerpicking, varied techniques and contrasting styles, bring new life to the ukulele.”

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About mike

Based in Galloway, Scotland, Mike brings classical and modern fingerstyle guitar techniques to the ukulele creating a dynamic and expressive soundscape. Since picking up the uke a few years ago, he has performed as a main act at the Ukulele Festival of Scotland and has been featured in UKE Magazine multiple times. He discovered the ukulele after traumatic events and suffering from severe anxiety. Performing with the uke has enabled Mike to face his fears. Mike has released an instrumental album, a ukulele tablature book of his own pieces and has a popular YouTube Channel.

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My Latest Release

Listen to my album “Covered With My Uke” on Spotify:

"...a relaxing and rather spiritual collection of songs that strive to calm the mind. Perhaps then, these are the perfect covers to restfully consume beneath our own?"