Side Project: Warnes & Haysom – “Remember Me”

I hope you are all doing well in these difficult times.

Although I am social distancing I have been collaborating from afar with my friend Matt Warnes.Matt sent me a demo of this song in demo in the form of a quick phone recording of his voice and uke and asked me whether I thought it was any good if so, could I do anything with it. I instantly fell in love with the emotive lyrics and could already hear in my head how I could build an arrangement around this beautiful song. I layered ukes, voices and bass, working on it in the background for the last few months and Matt and I are quite proud of the result. We also did the video together.

If people like it, we might even do more together 🙂.

Stay safe,Mike.

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  1. Diana Aldridge

    This is lovely! I would love to learn the tremolo 😌

    1. Mike Haysom

      Thanks Diana! I am working on a tremolo tutorial, so watch this space!

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