The Natural Pieces Tab eBook (PDF) + Audio Download

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The Natural Pieces ukulele tablature PDF eBook + audio downloads.

1 × The Natural Pieces Tab eBook (PDF)
1 × The Natural Place (Digital Download)
1 × Thalia's Lullaby - Single (Download)
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Fun and original instrumental pieces written for the ukulele and notated in tab. All pieces were composed by accomplished ukulele player, composer and multi-instrumentalist Mike Haysom

  • Based on the instrumentals from Mike’s album “The Natural Place” as well as single “Thalia’s Lullaby.”
  • Written in easy to read tablature.
  • Arranged for High G (re-entrant) tuning.
  • For intermediate to advanced ukulele players.
  • Comes with free audio downloads of the original recordings from which all the pieces in the book were arranged.


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